TOURIST VISA (B-1 / B-2) How to get a tourist visa to successfully visit the United States?

In our legal practice, we have constantly seen that individuals are denied when they attend their interviews to apply for a US visa. The main reason is that these individuals are not well informed, nor are they duly prepared with the necessary documentation and information that it must be disclosed during their interviews to complying with the requirements that the immigration law requires to grant a B-1/B-2 visa.

The visitor visa is considered a non-immigrant visa, as it is granted only to enter the US temporarily. There are two types of visas for those individuals who wish to visit the United States.

  • Visitor for business trip (B-1)

It is for individuals entering the United States for business reasons, for example: attending conferences, closing a sale transaction, opening a business, receiving medical treatment, or accompanying a family member who requires medical treatment.

  • Visitor for pleasure trip (B-2)

It is for individuals entering the United States to visit family or friends if these individuals demonstrate the following:

1) That their visit will be temporary.

2) That they will leave the country at the end of the authorized stay.

3) That they are in possession of a valid passport.

4) That they are in possession of a residence abroad which they do not intend to abandon.

5) That they have the financial ability to pay all their expenses in the United States.

6) That they are admissible, meaning that they have not committed crimes, have not violated any US immigration laws, or have used public benefits in the United States, among other requirements.

Obtaining a visa does not guarantee an admission to the United States; however, it does grant the individual in possession of it the right to appear at a port of entry or airport to request admission into the country.

Before any alien’s entry, the CBP officer determines the period that this individual shall be authorized to stay in the United States and this allowed stay is recorded in the system as “I-94 Arrival / Departure Record” which you can review online at

This article is informative and should not be considered as legal advice for any specific case.