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A waiver is a very complex and complicated process within the immigration law area, not every person qualifies for this type of process that allows an applicant to waive something that makes that person inadmissible.

Inadmissibility by law exists when an alien applicant is barred from entering the United States either temporarily or permanently. In some instances, an alien applicant might need to request a waiver before a particular type of visa is issued or a legal permanent resident status is granted. To mention some of the many reasons why a person needs to file a waiver below are the following:

  • If you were removed (deported) from the U.S.
  • If you overstayed after your I-94 was expired or your legal stay was ended, and you accrued unlawful presence.
  • If you were charged and convicted of a felony.
  • If you were charged and convicted of a moral turpitude crime.
  • If you were charged and convicted with drug possession.

If you need an evaluation of your particular situation our experienced and professional staff can assist you to set up the best strategy to strengthen your case.

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“Exclusively Immigration Law Practice in Texas”
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